Which Fitness and activity tracker is best? I tried the third one

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Which fitness tracker is best

Looking for the best fitness tracker for you? choosing the right choice becomes confusing. which fitness tracker will give you extra motivation and wealth of statistics for your workouts and health, also provide some features such as smartphone notifications, heart rate, stress level, blood or oxygen level sensors, all in one tiny device.

The best fitness and activity tracker is the tracker that helps you better understand your health whether it’s tracking your workout, monitoring your stress levels, or sleep. in addition, Getting into the right shape is the first place, it requires a lot of work, the best fitness trackers are the second best thing after your own personal trainer,  here are some tips and recommendations for choosing your best tracker band.

What is the best smartwatch?

1- Fitbit charge 4

Fitbit charge 4 fitness tracker fitanhealth

Fitbit’s Charge 4 main feature that it’s includes GPS which means that you can track your runs and workouts when your phone at home, firstly, it has a good interface and sharp display, it shows the time and fitness data, secondly, it delivers your phone notifications, not only accept or reject calls, it provides text and quick auto-replies, on the other hand and it has fitbit pay that allows you to make a purchase.

In addition, When it comes to fitness and outdoor workouts, it tracks all of the steps and distance, also detected the exercise automatically, also when you go to bed, Fitbit is popping up accurate sleep results in the morning, Fitbit’s charge 4 includes a new feature called active zone minutes, it measures any activity faster that brisk walk, it’s essentially a type of heart rate training required to spend time in different levels of exercises based on your age and fitness level.

2- Apple watch series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 fitness tracker fitanhealth

The leader of the high level of products is Apple and the especially when we are talking about the Apple ecosystem and there are a lot of advantages of doing that, it keeps you updated and knows when and where to do your fitness or workout with a variety of suggestions and recommendations. Apple pops a notification on the watch when it senses a workout and asks you to allow it to start tracking.

The best smartwatch out there is Apple watch series 6, it offers a brilliant everyday tracking of most of the daily activities such as running, workout, sleep, blood oxygen saturation monitoring, music streaming, and integrated with the iPhone’s alarm and Do Not Disturb mode.  

3- Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Samsung galaxy fit 2 fitness tracker fitanhealth

If you are looking for a budget cheap fitness tracker i think Samsung galaxy fit 2 is the best option for you, it’s more than a fitness band, from my personal experience, it’s eye catching and stporty shape, also it’s like wearing a health coach, with 15 days battery life.

It’s always ready to detect a workout when you are, it’s so comfortable and it’s may not notice in the hands, but others will, colorful AMOLED display that can be read clearly, even when you are swimming, ah- it has a waterproof for +50 meters.

Samsung galaxy fit 2 has over 90 different fitness and workout exercises, but the cool thing is that all of the fit 2 fitness trackers can be detected automatically, even the sleeping hours, calls, notification quick response messages, it’s fully compatible with all devices especially Samsung devices with Samsung Health App.

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4- Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin Vivoactive 4 fitness tracker fitanhealth

Garmin Vivoactive 4 is one of the highest-ranked fitness tracking products with the best premium options, it has Always on Display and most of it is accomplished in range health tracker, On the other hand, With more than a week of battery life and over 20 different sports and exercise, it allows you to customize your training plan, so it will be a personal coach, also it has good storage for playing music, and measuring your sleep time and the best thing is that this watch has a Garmin Pay (you can make payments for apple and android).

One of the best innovative features on this band called body battery that helps you learn when is the best time to exercise depends on your body energy, it’s a great feature to those who are just interested in their recovery as they are counting up the miles.

5- Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi band 5 fitanhealth

The best option for your wallet and the budget-saving band is Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the price is less than 40$ on amazon, a comfortable band that tracks your activity in the day while you are working out or are sleeping at night.

The notable features of this generation are a barometer, sleep tracking with four new sport tracking modes, and a cool feature called PAI(personal activity indicator), a simple way of tracking your activity.

What’s the difference between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker?

A smartwatch had a screen that was an extension of your smartphone, while a fitness tracker is a band with sensors that transfer data to your smartphone, the compound of fitness tracker and smartwatch means a high price band with all of these features.

Is a fitness watch worth it?

The answer is yes when you have a wearable device that motivates you to move or to train harder, it will be a great investment, rather that there are a lot of ways to keep track of your health without wearing a fitness tracker, but also there are plenty of different budget-wise options.

Are fitness trackers a waste of money?

From my personal experience, No at all, especially when it comes to your health and wellness, you can wear a normal watch to know your time, or you can wear a fitness tracker that measure your health and sleep automatically at an affordable price, just check our review list to decide what is the best for your wrist.

Fitness Tracker Features in details

Stress Tracking

The time between heartbeats can use the info to rate how physically stressed people, the higher variability is the better, simply because the body is in the relax mode, most of the fitters trackers now have the ability to measure your heart rate.

Devices that give you a stress score can be helpful to decide whether you’re giving your body the chance to recover and relax regularly. The state of physical stress is completely normal, but it does need to balance with downtime, which is usually when you are asleep.

Step counting

Keep updated with the steps was a reason to wear this kind of fitness tracker every day, thanks for an accelerometer in the device sensors that tracks your movements automatically, but when the heart rate becomes standard, making movements regularly can be beneficial for your health.

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Heart rate monitoring

Most wearable fitness trackers now offer heart rate tracking with accurate results, that comes a wealth of other information, trackers usually accurate during day to day life, but is more hit and miss during exercise, especially high intense workouts.

Having a high-end sports trackers use heart rate tracking to provide info on the effect of your training and how long you should spend recovering, all of these in one tiny device band on your wrist that detects everything automatically means a lot.

Sleep tracking

When it comes to your health, sleep is just as important as exercise and diet, meanwhile, recent trackers now record how long you spend asleep and divide it into a different period, light, deep and REM, Therefore, Paying attention when you go to bed might be responsible for your daily routine, the better device can help you towards better habits, allowing you to set reminders for a consistent sleep schedule.

Customize your workouts

Detecting your fitness workouts automatically on the recent new fitness trackers is awesome, but have an interval mode on your fitness tracker is useful for guiding you to all types of workouts, so customizing your workouts help you to decide where to rest and where to hit especially when you have a heart rate that give you the ability to measure your activities.

Swim tracking

fitness trackers offer some degrees of water resistance, which means that you can go to swim without caring about the time you spent in the pool, not only measuring the time also dedicated swim tracking modes, or even taking a shower wearing the band. However, We recommend setting for nothing less than the ability to track your swimming modes that detect when you are in a pool or walking in the street, for sure it will cost you extra money but it will help you to organize your life better, we recommend Fitbit charge 4 for a balanced budget with a great swimming feature. 


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