The 3 Day Diet: What You Need to Know about The Military Diet

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The 3-Day Diet is one of the most popular diets in the country. With its strict food rules and rapid weight loss, it’s understandably pretty tempting to give it a shot. But can you lose weight if you’ve already gone over your forward limit for the day? Or what about if you feel like you couldn’t eat another bite ever again?

Forget dieting. The 3-day diet takes the same concept but applies it to an accelerated weight loss program, which finished up just shy of 10 pounds, with some that will remain off even after the end of the diet. 

This doesn’t mean that this diet is not sustainable or isn’t good for you. It does mean, however, that you should take the time to research what you are doing and consult your doctor before applying a new diet to your life.

If you’re like most women, then your weight tends to fluctuate and can even be hard to control. This is why one of the most popular diet plans at the moment is known as “The Military Diet” and is often referred to as the 3-Day Diet. 

It’s a three-stage diet that includes a strict eating regimen in the form of a low-calorie diet that aims to force your body to use up its fat stores in order to lose weight rather than burning off carbohydrates. It sounds simple enough, so what really happens here?

What is the 3 Day Diet?

The 3 Day Diet also known as the Military diet is becoming very popular these days. The Military Diet works like this: During the first days, you’ll eat like normal to keep your metabolism up. 

You can eat your favorite meals that are healthy for you. After the first day, you’ll be consuming 1000 calories per day till the end of the third day. 

Here’s what happens afterward: On the fourth day, you’re allowed to eat again. This time around though you’re incorporating 1500 calories into your daily nutrition.

3 Day Diet Review

You probably already know that protein is an important part of a healthy diet. You may also be familiar with some of the physical benefits of consuming more protein, including building and repairing muscles, helping growth, recovery, and function after exercise, and managing your weight.  

However, not everyone is aware of how much protein they need to eat to reach their goals, or how easy it is to fit this macronutrient into their daily meal plan. And most importantly, not everyone knows about the 3-day military diet—a strict way to lose weight fast without the need to exercise.

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What is the best food 3 day diet plan?

The Military Diet is a powerful 3-day military diet food plan designed to help you lose weight quickly and get healthy. You can lose up to 10 pounds in the first 3 days while eating foods like creamy peanut butter, eggs, cottage cheese, and more. The Military Diet claims you eat months’ worth of calories in only 3 days!

The first day’s meals consist of:


Black coffee, tea, or water

Half grapefruit

Toast, 1 slice

Peanut butter, 1 tablespoon


Canned tuna, ½ cup

Toast, 1 slice

Black coffee, tea, or water


2 frankfurters

Carrots, ½ cup

Broccoli, 1 cup

Vanilla ice cream, ½ cup

Black coffee, tea, or water

In the end, repeat the same foods for 3 days and you will see a huge difference.

3 day diet military diet fitanhealth

How Many Calories Should be Consumed in a 3 day diet?

The 3 Day Diet, aka the military diet, is an extreme, but effective weight loss plan that requires you to eat approximately 1,200 calories per day for three days. 

That’s a far cry from the 2,000 – 3,000 you should normally consume. Like all other fad diets, the military diet has been met with a lot of skepticism due to its controversial claims and no solid scientific evidence to back it up. 

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How much weight can you lose on the 3 day diet?

Most, if not all, diets that affect any food intake involve cutting down or completely getting rid of certain kinds of food. Weight loss involves cutting down on sugars, carbs, fats, and… well… meat (in this case). But this diet is said to be… well… different.

The 3 Day Diet has been mentioned a lot lately in the news and online. The diet claims that you can lose up to 10 pounds of fat in just three days. And it’s no surprise why the diet has become so popular. 

It sounds far too good to be true, but people are still interested in The 3 Day Diet. Today we’re going to look into the Military Diet and the science behind it. 

Follow this diet plan for weight loss and see how it works!

What can you drink?

The first question I always get with The 3 Day Diet is which drinks can I drink? You can drink any zero-calorie beverages as long as they do not have artificial sweeteners. This means you can have coffee, tea, carbonated water/seltzer, diet sodas, and more. I recommend you stay away from milk or milk-based products as these will slow down your weight loss process.

Which Supplements To Take

The Military Diet is a medically arranged eating diagram that allows you to drop pounds in just three days. It’s likewise known as the 3-day diet plan or the Army Diet. 

The eating routine was made by a doctor inside the U.S. military to enable wounded warriors to slim down rapidly so they could get back to fight.

Also, you can try this tonic flat Japanese flat tummy supplement, we found a lot of reviews that work very well with this diet.

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Does the 3 day egg diet work?

Omelets, scrambled eggs, fried or boiled? There are so many ways to enjoy eggs. But what you might not realize is that this wonder food can make a dent in your waistline when eaten in specific ways. 

In fact, the egg diet plan is a popular weight loss program based on eating eggs for breakfast and lunch throughout the day.

The 3-day egg diet is intended for short-term weight loss. There are potential risks, including nutritional deficiencies if you follow it for too long. Though the 3-day egg diet may help you break a weight loss plateau.

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