How to use a lot of eggs in one recipe: 7 dishes that you can make

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How to use a lot of eggs in one recipe fitanhealth

The average American eats almost 300 eggs a year. That’s an awful lot of eggs. And, if you live in other parts of the world, that number is even higher. Eggs recipe are great by themselves: in simple scrambles, as a base for frittatas, or as the star of different omelets, like a chocolate chip omelet or a Greek omelet.

But eggs aren’t limited to being breakfast foods — they’re also great for dinner and appetizers too! Are you an egg-lover? If so, these recipes will have you eating them at every meal.

cooking eggs in different styles is such a regular duty that we should have an optimistic approach to cooking these. they are flexible and many techniques are very good for cooking eggs like grilling, broiling, frying, poaching, sauteing. some techniques enable you to get the utmost from your eggs and different ways permit you to keep them wholesome.

A hard-boiled egg provides you with a quick, portable protein source for those times that you have to grab something quick on the go. But, did you know that using a lot of eggs in one recipe is a great way to get your eggs cooked? This can be helpful if you are preparing a dish for a party or family gathering and want to cook multiple servings at the same time. So, it’s time for these 7 recipes so good they’ll give you even more reason to eat an egg every day.

What are the Benefits of eating eggs?

There’s no doubt that eggs are an incredible value-packed food. They are also a great choice for your own health, let alone to use as a bodybuilding ingredient in your shakes and smoothies. Eggs come with a lot of versatility, being able to be used as an ingredient as well as on their own. Here are some of the many benefits of eating eggs, for you and your body.

Many people are scared of the high levels of cholesterol found in eggs, & don’t consume them. They fail to realize that our bodies produce all the cholesterol we need & most of the stuff inside an egg is “good” cholesterol. 

So, I am going to prove that eating eggs recipe is not something to be afraid of. If you have been missing out on this amazing source of nutrients, then this post will definitely be very informative for you.

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How to cook eggs, the basics!

It’s the basic things that you need to know when learning how to cook eggs. What are the different types of eggs (from chicken eggs, duck eggs, ostrich eggs, etc.), how many calories do they have, the cooking method by type of eggs – fried eggs, boiled eggs and poached, scrambled, omelets, and last but not least egg recipes.

Have you ever cooked eggs and didn’t know what to do with them? How many eggs can you fit in the pan or how do you make scrambled eggs, poached eggs, omelets, soufflé, etc? This article will outline all the different cooking methods for eggs.

What can I make that uses a lot of eggs?

Old skinny egg white recipes, such as meringue and macaroons, have nothing on the following new and improved recipes, which require more than the usual 2-4 eggs per dish. This week we have cheesecake, crème Brule, chocolate mousse, dirty rice (it’s our secret; don’t tell anyone), and chicken curry – all of which are easy to make!

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How do you use up eggs before they expire?

I’m always a little afraid to peak into my refrigerator – these days it seems to be stocked with more eggs than food! It’s embarrassing how many eggs I’ve purchased lately, and they just keep stacking up. So when does that egg expiration date get pushed up? Are you sure you can’t use them after the “Sell by” date or is it safe that week? Finally, how in the world are you supposed to use 10 at a time when most recipes call for just one or two?

Some of the recipes that use a lot of eggs

1- Shakshuka

The best way to use a lot of eggs in one recipe is to make shakshuka. Shakshuka is a dish of poached eggs with tomatoes, onion, and cumin. I learned about it while traveling through Southeast Asia, and it’s been my favorite way to eat eggs since. It also falls into what I like to call the brunch and dinner category. Because it can be eaten for dinner but still feels at home on a brunch menu.

2- Scrambled Eggs & Hummus

Scrambled eggs aren’t usually the meal that kids ask for every night, but it is one of those dishes they often request. Not only do they love the protein and fat (and you know how much we all love healthy fats), but they also just really enjoy eating them, making eggs a great way to get kids to be open to new foods. That’s why I love to include scrambled eggs in our meal rotation.

3- Breakfast Tacos

This is a really simple, tasty breakfast. It has been a mainstay for our mornings together as a family. The kids love it and they’re on their way to school faster than I could ever hope for. I also tend to have some on hand for when I need an easy eggs recipe meal later in the week. It’s nice because it is basic but flavorful and with minimal ingredients, you can vary the toppings to please most palettes.

4- Chorizo & Grits Breakfast Bowls

Growing up, I bonded with my dad over chorizo and eggs. Chorizo scrambles were epically savory, and a smart way to sneak vegetables into our day: Sautéed tomatoes, onion, and poblano pepper served alongside pureed butternut squash soup. Now they’re one of those things that makes me wish it were Sunday every day.

Try Chorizo & Grits Breakfast Bowls

5- Baked Eggs and Zoodles with Avocado

At times, the ketogenic diet can be overwhelming — there are so many different, complicated rules to follow with no guarantee of success. Thankfully, when it comes to breakfast and dinner for those who are following a keto diet, things get a lot easier. 

Eggs are high in fat yet low in carbs, making them optimal for keto diets. Zoodles (zucchini noodles) and avocado are both incredibly versatile ingredients that take any meal to the next level. You’ll feel satisfied after eating this meal and have loads of energy to start your day at full throttle.

Get the Recipe

6- Egg in a hole grilled cheese

I love grilled cheese. I have loved it since I was a kid and to this day, I make a grilled cheese sandwich at least once a week. My favorite way to make a grilled cheese is by using two slices of American or cheddar cheese. This sandwich takes the best parts of the grilled cheese (melty cheese) and combines it with another classic breakfast meal, The Egg In The Hole.

Try egg in a whole grilled cheese recipe now!

7- Farm Fresh Frittata

A frittata can be almost any vegetable or meat cooked into your eggs. This is a great opportunity to use up your fresh produce from that garden you’ve been working so hard on this year!

Make farm fresh frittata

How do you make eggs less boring?

My mom is the queen of egg recipes. She makes egg sandwiches, omelets, and this dish where she puts an omelet on top of an egg salad sandwich. It’s amazing. I don’t have that kind of patience or creativity. My job is hard enough as it is (thank you traffic). So I set out to find a way to make a lot of eggs in one recipe, without sacrificing the quality and flavor. This way I can eat breakfast faster, while also cooking less food in general. And of course, saving energy!

Get creative with eggs this week – what can

Eggs do a lot. They’re versatile and can be used for frying, scrambling, baking, or poaching. Plus, they add moisture and nutrients to dishes like frittatas, quiches, and omelets. We probably don’t need another reason to eat eggs but here’s one more reason: What if we stopped taking culinary shortcuts and used one or two eggs in every meal?

I don’t know about you, but I love eggs. They are one of the cheapest forms of protein we have and work well if you are following a low carbohydrate diet. When I was trying to think of a creative way to write an interesting blog post I thought that using a lot of eggs would make it unique. Then I started brainstorming recipes that would use 6 eggs, 7 eggs, and beyond!

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